Monday, February 27, 2012

World Startups Gathered In NYC


In addition to London, New York will be a strategic market for Epicurely from the start. We believe that new yorkers will be very receptive to our product. The diversity of cultures and interests found in the city as well as the willingness of new yorkers to embrace new concepts and technologies make it an ideal setting for a novel dinner party platform like Epicurely to thrive in. For these reasons, but also because we love New York, maintaining a strong presence there is going to be key.

Our experience at the World to NYC program 2012

With this in mind, earlier this month we participated in a 3-day program hosted by the city of New York (i.e. NYCEDC) to inform foreign tech entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in the city. The “World to NYC” program hosted ~50 delegates from 36 startups and over 10 different countries including the United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany and others. The agenda was packed with networking events, panels, lectures and meetings with local business leaders like David Tisch (TechStars), Kevin Ryan (Gilt Groupe), and David Rose (Rose Tech Ventures).

The program was very well planned and managed throughout. The breadth of topics covered – from venture financing, to immigration; from expat stories from foreign entrepreneurs like Alex Torrenegra, to meetings with local leaders from companies such as Gilt Groupe and The Ladders – exceeded our expectations. On the last day, we were all invited to attend the NY Tech Meetup and it’s official afterparty, which one of the #WORLD2NYC delegates, Uber Life, sponsored. Networking events like that one and the cocktail party at the Glass House (see photos), were perfect opportunities to meet fellow delegates and learn more about each other’s projects.


Perhaps the most valuable part of the experience for us was the awesome group of entrepreneurs that we had the pleasure of interacting with during the 3 days. We met innovators working on exciting new ventures in fields such as online travel (e.g., BookingMarkets), medical image analysis (e.g. Image Analysis), location based social networking (e.g. Uber Life), digital education (e.g. Panarea Digital), e-commerce (e.g. NotOnTheHighStreet) and advertising and analytics (e.g. AdInsight). Most exciting of all: we made some really cool new friends and received incredibly valuable feedback for Epicurely!

Overall, our experience with the program was great. It showed us that the political leadership in New York is focused on embracing technological innovation and wants to help open doors for foreign entrepreneurs interested in contributing to New York’s blossoming tech sector.

If you participated in the program, we’d love to learn about your experience in the comments section below!

Check out more photos of the program and related events here.


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